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It is just a few days away so wanted to remind you this Saturday & Sunday I will be in Broad Ripple at the at the 47th Broad Ripple Art Fair.  The show is this Sat. May 20th - 10am to 6pm and Sun. May 21st - 10am to 5pm. I will be in the baseball field in Booth# 96  on the west side.


Below are pictures of the different pottery I'll have on display including a wide selection of beautiful Ikebana Flower Vases, Sunflower pieces, my Tea Love Pocket Mugs (w/ tea bag holder ON the mug!), Cherry Blossom & Poppy pieces, new Fresh Collection beverage mugs & serving trays, Indiana ornaments, succulent planters, French Butter Keepers, Quilt Note Cards & lots more!


Click here for the Indianapolis Art Center (the fair location) website and more event details. Carol Bell - Blue Moon Pottery - (317) 886-8222








Serving Tray & Teapots


Indiana Ornaments


Succulent Planters

New serving trays with sauce dish and spreading knife.  Teapots have built in strainer for loose tea.


Colorful and "charm"ing Indiana ornaments, cute all year long!


A cute selection of succulent planters for displaying & growing them. Great for your office desk & any small spaces.






  Ceramic Quilt
& Cherry Blossom Teapot
  Fresh Collection Beverage Mugs
  Delightful ceramic framed "quilts" & nature inspired teapots.   Charming beverage mugs from my Fresh Collection Series to inspire everyday!

Sunflower Mugs


Fresh Collection


Framed Ceramic Quilts

My sunflower mugs come in a variety of color combinations for your favorite beverage, hot or cold!


New hand painted whimsical trays & mugs. Limited Edition!


New Framed colorful ceramic quilts with various smart, witty & thought provoking sayings & phrases.

Ikebana Flower Vases  

Serving Trays & Sets


Tea Love Pocket Mugs

Don't have a cutting garden?  You don't need one!  Uses 75% fewer flowers & makes a great gift.

Instructions included.


Great for meals or parties to serve food & snacks! Fresh Collection & Cherry Blossom designs dishwasher & microwave safe. Unique gifts!


The little pocket on the front of the mug holds your brewed tea bag.  Dishwasher and microwave safe.
One-of-a-kind & great gifts!


Serving Pieces


Charming Beverage Mugs


French Butter Keepers

Large serving pieces so beautiful you can display them on a wall or use for food, salad or snacks everyday!


Sunflower, Poppy Red and Cherry Blossom beverage mugs hold hot or cold liquids. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Unique gifts!


Invented by 16th Century "Foodies", keeps your butter soft and spreadable for up to 30 days! Instructions included.


Printed Quilt Cards

  Serving Trays & Sets   Charming Beverage Mugs
Note or Thank You Cards of my Ceramic Quilt series, blank inside with envelope for mailing.   Great for meals and parties to serve food & snacks! Cherry Blossom & other designs - all dishwasher and microwave safe. Unique gifts!   A wide variety of charming beverage mugs from my Fresh Collection Series to inspire everyday!

Click here for a Google Map to the BROAD RIPPLE ART FAIR
Click here for a Google Map to the BROAD RIPPLE ART FAIR


PARKING is available around the Indianapolis Art Center at 67th and College Ave. 


Bike to the fair using one of the city’s most popular greenway trails, the Monon Trail, then park for free at Pedal & Park, stationed one block South of the Monon entrance to the Art Center grounds.  See you there!  Carol Bell


Carol Bell | Blue Moon Pottery
265 N. 9th St | Noblesville, IN 46060 | 317-886-8222